Special issue and community paper

Results will be published in a community paper and in a special issue of a journal.

We plan to publish a community paper presenting the design and results of the PreFer data challenge. Everyone who was part of a team that made a working submission at least in one phase of the challenge will be invited to be a co-author of this paper. By a working submission we mean a submitted method that produced predictions for the holdout set and that is accompanied by a description of the method. There will be no limit on the number of participants who can qualify as co-authors.

Additionally, we plan to publish a special issue on the results of the data challenge in the Journal of computational social science. All the participants of the data challenge will be invited to submit a manuscript to this special issue. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed.

The call for papers with detailed instructions and requirements will be published later on this website. A paper should describe the process that led to the final submission. This includes for example decisions concerning data preprocessing and handling missing data, model and variable selection, and what was learned during this process. A paper can also be aimed at describing how the data challenge contributed to fertility research. Other ideas will also be possible after discussing them with the challenge organisers. Manuscripts need to be accompanied by a clearly documented modular open-source code that will allow other researchers to reproduce all the results, as well as figures and tables in the article.